Jim Webb – Yes, He’s Running For President

By CPLA member Rahul Thayil

James Henry Webb, Jr. (born February 9th, 1946) has served as a senator for Virginia, Secretary of the Navy, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, Counsel for the United States House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and a Marine Corps Officer. He has been awarded the Navy Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart. His alma maters include the University of Southern California, US Naval Academy, and Georgetown University, and he was a fellow at the Harvard Institute of Politics. As a private journalist, he has been awarded an Emmy and is the author of ten books covering issues such as women’s education and war.

His Views


• Supports Roe v Wade abortion rights

• Pro stem cell research

Budget and Economy

• Pro Stimulus Spending

• Plans to reform mortgage rules to prevent foreclosure

• Plans to reform taxation laws

• Pro Fair Trade, but anti Free Trade

Civil Rights

• Supports marriage equality

• Supports civil unions

• Helped pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act


• Supports additional spending on federal education

• Pro women’s rights and education


• Supports alternative energy

• Pro EPA regulations

• Anti Oil and Gas


• Pro alternative transport

• Not dedicated to animal rights

• No hard stance on global warming

Foreign Policy

• Against the USA’s involvement in the Mideast.

• Pro Cuba-USA relationship

• Anti Iraq War


• Anti-medicare but pro health access

• Against tobacco

Gun Control

• Advocates for gun control, but conservatively

Jobs and Immigration

• Anti-outsourcing

• Pro unemployment benefits

• Anti farm subsidies

• Wants to increase minimum wage

In the Debate

Definitely wanted to speak more.

Had a slight blunder in remembering his own daughter’s name.

“I have killed people. I have been in war.”

“Obtuse, petulant and out of touch” – salon.com

Particularly Anti-China when asked about Russia and Syria.


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